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Don Bolduc

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Brigadier General Donald Bolduc Releases New Hampshire Legislature Endorsements

Retired Brigadier General Don Bolduc, candidate for US Senate, released his first round of New Hampshire legislature endorsements. 

Bolduc gave the following statement: 

“As I’ve campaigned and held over 25 town halls throughout the state, I’ve been lucky enough to be joined by some of the Granite State’s great local representatives along the way. I’m honored to earn the support and trust of these true patriots who believe, like I do, our greatest days are ahead, and together we can build back American Strength.” 

Representative Bob Healey (R-Merrimack) offered the following statement: 

“America’s weakness on the global stage has local repercussions. Right now, we’re seeing high inflation, high energy prices, and a growing drug program across the state of New Hampshire. Senator Maggie Hassan had her chance. It’s time we elect a political outsider with vast experience and integrity to make America Strong again.”  

Bolduc has been endorsed by the following prominent leaders from the New Hampshire Legislature:  

Patrick Abrami

Hershel Nunez

Dawn Johnson

Max Abramson

Gregg Hough

Aidan Ankerberg

Ted Gorski

Vanessa Sheehan

Leah Cushman

Kurt Wuelper

Dave Testerman

Paul Terry

Nick White

Lex Berezhny

JD Bernardy

Scott Wallace

Tim Horgan

Julia Harvey-Bolia

Natalie Wells

Andy Renzullo

Kenna Cross

Rich Littlefield

Mark Alliegro

Bob Healey

Jim Creighton

Dennis Green

Dustin Dodge

Louise Andrus

Ray Howard

Jose Cambrils

Tom Plosjaz

Diane Kelley

Mary Mayville

Gary Hopper

Melissa Blasek

Ken Weyler

Harry Bean

Jonathan Smith

Lisa Post

Stephen Boyd

Gail Sanborn

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