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Strong Economy

  • Don Bolduc knows we must reverse the growth of federal spending to reduce inflation. No more bailouts, no more government handouts, no more spending packages without corresponding cuts.
  • Senator Hassan has voted with President Biden 96% of the time including trillions of dollars in new spending in just the last year, leading to record inflation and a stagnant economy.

Strong Borders

  • Don Bolduc knows we must secure America’s borders and reduce crime. No excuses. No compromises. We need more border agents to deal with the record-setting  influx of illegal migrants, implement E-Verify, and keep Title 42 in place.
  • Senator Hassan voted against a plan to add desperately needed border agents to the Southern Border, remove illegal immigrants with felony criminal convictions, and an effort to end catch and release on the Southern Border. In the last two years under Maggie Hassan and Joe Biden’s watch a record 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed the Southern Border.

Strong DOMestic energy production

  • Don Bolduc knows we must regain the energy independence and security the Biden Administration squandered, leasing and exploring federal lands for oil and gas, finishing pipelines, and streamlining the permitting process.
  • Senator Hassan has fought against the oil and gas industry and has supported the Biden Administrations canceling of domestic oil leases, making us more dependent on foreign oil.


Strong world leadership

  • Don Bolduc has served as a military leader across the globe and knows we must counter the Chinese Communist Party and rogue nations like North Korea and Iran. We must overhaul American diplomacy to focus on our national security, our supply chains, and our economy.
  • Senator Hassan supports the Biden Administration’s failed foreign policy agenda. From the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal to the administrations aimlessness on Russia and China, U.S. national  security is at a much greater risk than it was just a few years ago.

Strong defense of our liberties

  • Don Bolduc knows we must stand firm against government encroachment on our God-given liberties and our Constitutional rights. The Second Amendment must be fiercely protected, parents must have the final say in their children’s education.
  • Senator Hassan supported mandates and restrictions and when asked about parents’ rights to have a say in what is taught in school she called those parents out for their “over the top behavior”.