Join The American Strength Campaign

Strong Borders

We must secure America’s borders and reduce crime. No excuses. No compromises. Build the wall, turn away illegal migrants, implement E-Verify, and keep Title 42 in place.

Strong Economy

We must reverse the growth of federal spending to reduce inflation. No more bailouts, no more government handouts, no more spending packages without corresponding cuts.

Strong DOMestic energy production

We must regain the energy independence and security the Biden Administration squandered, leasing and exploring federal lands for oil and gas, finishing pipelines, and streamlining the permitting process.


Strong world leadership

We must counter the Chinese Communist Party and the rogue nations like North Korea and Iran. We must overhaul American diplomacy to focus on our national security, our supply chains, and our economy.

Strong defense of our liberties

We must stand firm against government encroachment on our God-given liberties and our Constitutional rights. The Second Amendment must be fiercely protected, parents must have the final say in their children’s education, and we must end COVID mandates and restrictions.