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Don Bolduc

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Manchester, NH – Today, the U.S. Senate campaign of Don Bolduc launched its first radio ad, entitled, “American Soldier.” The ad highlights Bolduc’s career of service, including 33 years of active-duty service in the United States Army and 10 tours in Afghanistan.

Listen to the ad by clicking here:  

Running as the conservative outsider, Bolduc, who retired from the Army as a Brigadier General, has remained the clear frontrunner in the Republican primary field, with a recent survey from St. Anselm College indicating a 16 point lead ahead of the September 13 primary.

Tough times call for strong, tested leaders unafraid to challenge the status quo,” said General Bolduc. “When America was struck by terrorists, I answered the call of duty. Today, our country faces another inflection point from career politicians on both sides of the aisle that has led to a sense of malaise that threatens our well-being from the inside. I am the outsider candidate who can take the fight to the Biden-Hassan administration and reverse our downward slide.”


PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: And the people who knocked these building down will hear from all of us soon.

VOICE OVER: When America was attacked, Don Bolduc – American soldier – answered the call.

Landing in Afghanistan in the dark of night, he led allied soldiers to kill terrorists who attacked our country.

Today, Don Bolduc is called to the front lines here at home.

America – the greatest country in the world – is under attack from within.

Career politicians have driven our country into a ditch.

We need real leadership to take our country back.

Battle-tested and ready…he will lead our country out of the darkness and restore American Strength. General Don Bolduc for U.S. Senate.

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