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Don Bolduc

In the news


Manchester, NH – General Don Bolduc, candidate for US Senate in New Hampshire, announced a Veterans for Bolduc Coalition. This coalition includes veterans from across the Granite State that are tired of Hassan’s disastrous voting record and refusal to campaign in the state, hiding from voters. Members of the coalition released the following statements:

Don Bolduc’s story as a true American Hero and native New Hampshire son makes him by far the best candidate to represent New Hampshire in a long time. Senator Hassan and the entire democrat party have done more to tear down the Granite State and our country these past few years than any of our enemies have been able to accomplish. I’m calling on all veterans to support Don Bolduc,” said Paul Chevalier, USMC SgtMaj, 20+ year NH Veteran Legislative Advocate.

General Bolduc’s lifetime of service to our nation is exactly what we need in the U.S. Senate. His leadership on veterans issues and advocacy is second to none, helping all veterans across the Granite State get what they need. In times like this, we need leaders like him to bring our nation back on track,” said Hillary Seeger, USAF (Ret), NH Veteran Advocate.

Don is an experienced leader of large assemblages of men and women, he is best able to provide the best solutions for all. I employ all to meet and listen to him. I think that you will agree with me that he will make a great U.S. Senator,” said Elliot Finn, WW2 Veteran.

I am honored and humbled to be supported by these American heroes. Having spent my life fighting to protect our great nation, I understand the needs of our veterans and I will also stand up for them. When elected to the U.S. Senate, our brave men and women both active and retired can truly believe they will have a leader fighting for them in Washington,” said General Don Bolduc.

Partial list of coalition members:

Larry Miller, Merrimack, USAF 1966-1994

Corey Maclean, Nashua, USN 2011-2021

Chris Christensen, Merrimack ,USN 1969-1975

Stephan Notter, Merrimack, USAF 1989-1991

Gary Daniels, Milford, USANG 1976-1988

Barbara Healey, Merrimack, USA 1978-1992

Gary Gahan Goffstown ,USMC 1963-1966

Chris Buda, Nashua, USAF 1986-1990

Peyton Hinkle, Merrimack, ANG 1958-1960n

Ralph Boehm, Litchfield, USAF 1963-1971

Mark Hastings, Dover, USAF 1974 – 1978

Tom Brownell, Dover, ANG 1969-1975

Hazel Brewer, Rochester, USAF & NHANG 1985-2014

Valerie Morgan, Dover, USAF 1968-1969 and 1981-2005

Steve Morgan, Dover, USAF/ANG 1967-2004

Ken Garry, Middleton, USA 1982-1985

Joseph Cooper, Dover, USA 1975-2001

Jennifer Tuthill, Somersworth, USMC 1991-1999

Lou Gargiulo, Hampton Falls, USA 1969 -1976

Michael A. Coutu, Rye, USMC 1966-1969

Barb Brennan, Hooksett, USAF 1984-1991

Gary Lee, Hooksett, USN 1976 – 2014

John M. Potucek, Derry, USAF 1966-1972

Tony Mayfield, Brookline, USA/USANG 1990-1998

Jeffrey “Scott” Morse, Claremont, USA 1980-1986

Skip DiBernardo, Swanzey, USMC 1963-1967

David Chamberlain, Hopkinton, USN 1963 – 1969

Roger Hazell, Hampton, USMC 1951 -1954

Stephen Tourangeau, Milford, USAF 1981-2004

Cody Dumont, Penacook, USMC 1990-1998

Joseph DiChiaro, Derry, USA 1955-1961, USAF 1961-1994

Harry Bart Hardwick, Francestown, USA 1964-1967

William North, Franklin, USA 1985 – 1989

Hon. Mary Mayville, Merrimack ,USAF 1984-2008

Chris Ager, Amherst, USA 1981-1988

Cathi Remington, North Hampton USMC 1981-1987

Peter Torosian, Atkinson, USCG 1976-1980

James Summers, Newton, USN 1990 – 1998

David Ouellette, Pelham, USAF 1967 – 1971

William Smith, USA 1967 – 1973, Active Duty 1967-’68

Gary L. Backstrom, Sharon, USMC 1989-2013

Gary Gahan, Goffstown, USMC 1963-1966

Peters “Pete”Jones, Concord, USN 1969-1973

Alan Glassman, Barnstead, USA, 1970-1976

Jeffrey McGrath, USMC 1968-1974

Melinda Tourangeau, Milford, USAF 1984-2006

Bob Vita Spofford, USN 1983-2000

Hon. Paul Tudor, Northwood, USAF 1976-1980

Susan Cuddy, USN 1970-1975 and 1976-2008

John Lyscars, Hooksett, USAF, 1981-1986,

Juan A. Gaud, Londonderry, USAF

Peter A. Olsson MD, Hampton, USN,

Chuck Lothrop, Nashua, USAF, 1970-1974

J.A. Blanchard, Keene, USN 1984- 1990

John Hodge, Merrimack, USzs 1987 – 2013

David Kamm, Keene, USAF, 1966-1970

Chuck Corradi, USN 1968 – 1974

Alfonso J. Webb, Sr., Hampton, USA 1963-1971

Jeffrey McGrath, Derry, USMC, 1968-1974

Peter Riesenberg, Swanzey, USA 1969 – 1972

Don Sellers, Moultonborough, USA, 1966-1970

Jim McConnell, Swanzey, USA, 1968-1998

Carlton Cooper, Rochester, USA, 1991-1994

Laurence F. Messner, Hampton, NH, USAF 1966-1989

Kelley Potenza, Rochester, USANG 1991 – 1998

H. Bruce St. Peter, USN 1965-1994

Major Carol Moore, Hampton Falls, USMC 1974-1991

Chip Cravaack, Lacona, USNR, USN, 1981-2005

Nick De Mayo, Sugar Hill, USNR 1967-1973

Leo Plante, Dublin, NHA 1966-1971

Michelle Marceau, Spofford, NH U.S. Navy 1992-1998

Sue Polidura, Portsmouth, USAF

Nicholas Weber, Gilmanton, USAF 1999-2005

Matt Mayberry, Dover, Air Force 1984-1987

James G Wall, Swanzey, USMC 1969-1971

John Demars, Newbury, USANG 1970-1976

John W. Stewart, Sutton/New London, USMC, 1967-1972.

Robert J. Kasper, Jr., Walpole, USN 1972-2004

Bruce Aquizap, USN 1949-1973.

Tim Newcombe, Sullivan, USA 2009-2014

Michele Ilich-Daubas, Enfield, USN 1982 – 1986

Ruth Ann Zaccaria, USAF 1970-1975

Mark Zaccaria, USAF 1968-1975

Major Carol Moore, Hampton Falls USMC 1974-1991

Michael D Egan, USAF 1968 to 1972

Jim Daubenspeck, Meredith, USN 1983-1992

David F Freschi, Hooksett, USN 1966-1967

Michael B. LaBarre Sr., Seabrook, USAF 1976 – 1980.

Cherylyn Randolph LeBrun, Loudon, USN 1964-1967 USAF 1971-1973I

Dennis Soucy, Concord, USA 1971

Michael Hatch, Bristol, USA

John Perez, Londonderry USAF 1959-1963

Sean F. McCarthy, Claremont, USN 1980-1986

John Polzella, USAF 1966 -1970

Andy Hunter, Merrimack, USA 1989 – 2011

John Albert Jeskevicius, Weare, USA,USCG 1964 – 1967 & 1972 – 1979

Ted Lloyd, East Kingston, USN 1968-1972

Marty Russo, Franklin, USA,1974 – 1998

Michael R. York, Swanzey, USMC 1970 to 1980

William Jolly, Groton, USN, ARNG, 1986-2018

Joel Starkey, Berlin, USAF 2009-present

Josh Hebert ,Boscawen, USA 2006-2014

Jeff Sweeney, Boscawen USA 2008-2016

Tim Merlino, New Ipswich, USA 2005-Present

Andrew Akers, New Hampton USA 2007-2015

Marty Williams, Alton Bay, USA 1975-1998

Lee Pritchard, Bedford, USAF 1981-2011

Marc Griffin, Loudon, USMC 1999-2003

Shawn Lane, North Haverhill, USAF 1985-2005

Steven J Gardner, Berlin, USAF 1970-1974.

Marshall Hubbard, Meredith, USN and USANG 1962-1968

Michael Moffett, Loudon, USMC 1981-2011

Bill Wright, Belmont, USMC 1993-1997

Hon Al Baldasaro, Londonderry, USMC 1975-1998

Tim Stevens, Colebrook, USMC 1982-2002

Dave Dyson, Derry, USA 1996-2016

John Coughlin, Amherst, USMC, USANG

Robert Hancock, Lee, USA 1978-1984

Alan E. Lutz, Hudson, USN 1968 – 1972

Edison Cowing, Alexandria, USA, 1979-1982

Dan Newell, Hampton, USA 1972-1974

Allen Gawrys, Allenstown, USMC 1968-1972

Randy Brownrigg, USN, 1982-2002

Robert Dzamko, Danville, USN 1977-1987


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