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Don Bolduc

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• New Hampshire Journal: “Again and again throughout the evening, Hassan was her own worst enemy. For most of the debate, she wore an irritated smirk, as though she felt put upon to even participate. When asked simple, direct questions, she refused to answer them, spinning off into pre-fab attacks on Bolduc that sounded poll tested, not passionate. Hassan’s long used this strategy — fake an answer and filibuster — and gotten away with it. But Bolduc did what nobody in the media has been willing to do: he called her out.”

 “Bolduc, on the other hand, was relentless. He repeatedly linked her to Biden — who’s approval rating lingers in the low 40’s in New Hampshire — and the administration’s role in the current challenges of inflation, energy prices and border chaos.”

• Breitbart: “Democrat Maggie Hassan Rattled at Debate by Gen. Bolduc’s Anti-Establishment Policies”

• Breitbart: “Gen. Don Bolduc Slams Sen. Maggie Hassan for ‘Career Politician Talk’ About Border Security”

• Breitbart: “Republican Gen. Don Bolduc slammed Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) during Wednesday night’s debate for acting like a career politician by not answering questions. Throughout the debate, Hassan dodged her record on inflation, the open border, and abortion.”

• Washington Examiner: “’Heating and eating’ issues take center stage. Energy prices are a top concern ahead of winter in New Hampshire, along with rising food costs that come with inflation. Bolduc dubbed them the ‘heating and eating’ issues and blamed them on Hassan’s support for President Joe Biden’s policy agenda. ‘She skips all around [inflation] because all her votes in the Senate have caused this heating and eating issue, that we have retirees going back to work,’ he said. ‘She’s created it with her 100% support to Joe Biden’s failed policies.’”

• The Hill: “Bolduc was unafraid to take shots at Hassan during the one-hour debate as he sought to project the blame for many of the nation’s issues on the senator and her voting history. In one instance, when the candidates were asked about an item they had recently bought that had given them sticker shock, Bolduc was quick to point the blame at his opponent for the high cost of eggs.”

• WMUR: “In the end, Bolduc said the choice Granite Staters should make depends on whether they’re doing well right now. ‘Are you better off today than you were two years ago?’ Bolduc said. ‘Two years ago, you were not making choices between heating and eating.’”

• Union Leader: “Bolduc said Hassan was a ‘career politician’ who caved in to the wealthy elite and voted for Biden administration policies which have saddled New Hampshire working families with runaway inflation and left this country with a weak foreign policy.”

• USA Today: “Bolduc made it a point over the debate to blame Biden and Hassan for illegal immigration at the southern border. ‘The people going to the border, because of her (Hassan’s) policies, because of her ideas, because of Biden’s ideas, are getting killed,’ Bolduc said.”


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