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Don Bolduc

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Manchester, NH – Today, Don Bolduc, retired Brigadier general and candidate for United States Senate, issued the following statement in response to Senator Maggie Hassan’s field hearing held at the University of New Hampshire Manchester campus:

“Career politicians like Senator Hassan refuse to acknowledge that our opioid epidemic is directly related to our porous southern border. Every campaign year, politicians like Senator Hassan talk the talk and then fail to walk the walk with their votes in Washington, including opposing every effort for increased border security. Senator Hassan has been in elected office for almost two decades, during which time New Hampshire has seen a monumental increase in Opioid overdoses. She is the problem, not the solution. 

As a special forces operator, I have led a team at the border that stopped drug cartels from flooding drugs into the U.S. and supplemented Customs and Border Patrol. I’ve advocated for mental health across the United States and spoken to hundreds of those struggling with addiction. I know what it takes to secure the southern border because I’ve been there and worked alongside those fighting to do that every single day.”

General Bolduc recently appeared on the Jocko Podcast and discussed his time serving on the southern border. You can watch that here: JOCKO PODCAST

Transcript: “One of the interesting deployments that we went on that I thought was really really good to work on your tradecraft was JTF Bravo, the drug interdiction missions that we did on the southern border. We would deploy for 120 days to the southern border and we worked from the Texas border to the New Mexico border, Arizona and California.”

“We culminated in California in the Cleveland national forest searching for marijuana fields. Getting scared to death by booby traps, because they were everywhere. We would track somebody and we would find out they were tracking us. It was like, holy crap; in America?”

Senator Hassan has consistently voted against common sense border security measures to stop the flow of drugs to NH communities. She:

Voted against Sen. Ron Johnson’s Amendment to Secure the Border
Voted for a Border Crisis Denier to head Customs and Border Patrol 
Supported giving $10.5 Billion to Illegal immigrants 


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