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Don Bolduc

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RELEASE: Don Bolduc On CBP Report: Situation At Border Worst It Has Ever Been

New Hampshire – Today, Don Bolduc, Former US Army Special Forces Brigadier General issued the following statement on a report from Customs and Border Protection that nearly 154,000 illegal immigrants were encountered crossing the border in January – the highest number in 20 years:

“Some of the most eye-opening deployments I had during my 33-year military career were right here in the United States on our southern border. We worked on drug interdiction with enforcement agencies from Texas to California. My team tracked and navigated the border, finding weak spots and partnering with CBP, helping them stop more drugs from entering our cities.

New Hampshire needs a senator who understands the problem and takes it seriously. Joe Biden has weakened our national security and my opponent, Senator Hassan, votes with him 100% of the time. I know what it takes to get the job done and as Senator, I will apply pressure on the Biden Administration to secure these borders for the safety and security of all Americans. I’ve seen how bad it is first hand. Career politicians won’t fix the problem, but I will.”

In a recent discussion with Jocko Willink, a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, General Bolduc discussed his deployments to the Southern Border and the dangers facing our officers working to keep our country safe:


“One of the interesting deployments that we went on that I thought was really really good to work on your tradecraft was JTF Bravo, the drug interdiction missions that we did on the southern border. We would deploy for 120 days to the southern border and we worked from the Texas border to the New Mexico border, Arizona and California.“ 

“We culminated in California in the Cleveland national forest searching for marijuana fields. Getting scared to death by booby traps, because they were everywhere. We would track somebody and we would find out they were tracking us. It was like, holy crap; in America?”


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