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Don Bolduc

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RELEASE: Bolduc Says the Time Has Come to Reopen New Hampshire

Statement from Don Bolduc:

“Clearly our nation has been hit with a once in a lifetime pandemic that required drastic action to protect people from serious illness and even death.  Those measures, while undoubtedly effective in mitigating the impact on public health, came at a cost — lost jobs, closed businesses and schools, and disrupted lifestyles.

I believe we have turned the corner, and it is now time to lift government imposed restrictions and allow Granite Staters to get on with their lives.

 I urge Governor Sununu to do whatever needs to be done to reopen New Hampshire no later than April 15th.

In particular, I have a deep concern for our state’s children and their future.  Like many families, I’ve seen firsthand how the hybrid system is failing.  My grandson is now behind grade level despite our own best effort to augment this current gap in his education.  We cannot afford private schooling or tutoring.

Schools must be opened full time.  The Governor should move teachers to the top of the priority list for vaccinations so they can get back in the classroom.

This pandemic has required choices and sacrifice.  We have erred on the side of caution to protect the public health.  With vaccine supply growing daily, the cost-benefit analysis has shifted and now favors reopening New Hampshire.

Every day that our kids are not in school matters.  I urge Governor Sununu to show courage and act now.”

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