Why I Am Ready To Get To Work in Washington, DC

Anyone who runs for office should be able to tell voters why they are equipped for the job.

I am qualified to walk into the US Senate and make a positive difference from day one on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Foreign Relations Committee, and Veterans Committee. I also know how to balance a budget and create and support small businesses.

Here’s some of my background and experience:

  • Born and raised in Laconia, NH
  • 33 + years of military service from private to General.
  • Operated or Trained in Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, and served 10 tours in AFG and a total of 81 months in combat during my career.
  • Served four years working the problems in Africa.
Bolduc Farm

Don was born and raised in Laconia, NH

  • Four assignments in the Pentagon working at the highest levels of our national goverment for the Secretary of the Army, Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • Significant experience writing national policy and strategy.
  • Significant experience working in the interagency and with national think tanks.
  • Significant experience writing legislation and working with Congress.
  • Masters Degree in Strategic Studies.

Private Bolduc and Colin Powell

  • Significant international experience working successfully with heads of state and government officials, international partners, UN, NATO, African Union, and many non-governmental agencies.
  • Significant business experience as a commander in the military. Division-level commander responsible for a 250-million-dollar budget and 2000 service members in 28 countries in Europe and Africa.
  • Created a mini mall in AFG that included carpet, laundry, bakery, clothing, electronics, jewelry, furniture, and restaurants run by Afghan men and women.
  • Established training schools to develop teachers, veterinary and medical professionals in villages and districts.
  • As veterans, my wife Sharon and I volunteer as advisors for 7 Veteran Organizations.
  • I get my medical care from the VA. I know the issues.
  • I am a full-time professor at New England College, and I lecture at small businesses and corporations on Leadership.