We owe our troops.

We can never fully pay back what we owe our troops.

But we ought to treat those who served our country properly and give them the resources and help that they need. Along with choice we need a full-service VA hospital.

Senator Shaheen said she would get this done and she has failed.

This is personal for me. I was responsible for more than 1,700 soldiers in my last assignment, and I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when the VA and the DOD doesn’t fulfill its mission.

As your Senator, I’m going to take what I learned while serving and what I’ve accomplished since leaving the military to take care of our 115,000 + veterans right here in New Hampshire.

Nearly one in ten of us are veterans, and that’s far higher than most of the country. If I’m elected, I’ll hold the VA accountable and make sure that our veterans are getting the support they need.

I will continue to fight for the people who fought for us.