How Foreign Aid Can Help America

One of my responsibilities when I led special operations command in Africa was to work with our African partners fighting terrorism. We were killing terrorists over there like ISIS so they wouldn’t attack us here. And I can tell you that foreign aid, when done right, can have big results that help America.

  • I support cutting ineffective, wasteful foreign aid programs that don’t advance American interests and save lives.
  • I oppose indiscriminate cuts to programs that have proven to be effective.

Health: For example, our programs to fight AIDS and Malaria have saved nearly 17 million lives and prevented the transmission of HIV to more than 2 million babies from HIV positive mothers. Both of these programs were started under President Bush.

Military: Focused aid and assistance that supports our partners to disrupt, degrade, and neutralize violent extremist organizations will lead to better security.

Governance: Supporting our partners to establish effective local civil governance will reduce ungoverned spaces and protect the populace.

Development: Nothing is more effective than local community development, but without good security and governance it is wasted money. We must have smart, results-oriented foreign aid protects America. It helps create stable, pro-American countries and makes it less likely we have to put our sons and daughters in harm’s way.