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Don Bolduc

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Release: Bolduc Praises NRSC Chair Scott on Primary Neutrality and TV Ad

General Don Bolduc, GOP candidate for the United States Senate, today released the text of a letter he has sent to Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, lauding him for his recent public commitment to staying neutral in GOP Senate primaries — as well as for the advertising the NRSC is funding against Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan.

The full text of Bolduc’s letter is below:

March 25, 2021
Senator Rick Scott
Chairman, NRSC
425 2nd St. NE
Washington, DC 20002

Dear Senator,

Your recent public statements in the media committing that the NRSC will remain neutral in upcoming GOP primaries for the U.S. Senate are to be commended.  Especially here in New Hampshire —the Live Free or Die State — voters resent outside interference in our elections.  It is their judgement, not the preferences of those in Washington DC, that should determine who will best represent our party in the effort to oust incumbent Senator Maggie Hassan.

As someone who is an outsider and not a part of the political establishment, I especially appreciate your public stance.  The more I meet with conservative Republican activists, I become more certain by the day that our party wants more Donald Trumps and Don Bolducs — candidates perhaps a little rough around the edges, but certainly not the kind of typical career politicians who go along to move along.

I am well aware that Governor Sununu is giving consideration to this race as well, and would welcome him, or anyone else for that matter, into the upcoming primary.  I am ready to prove that I am the candidate who is the true conservative; a genuine outsider in the mold of President Trump; and a leader who can bring the lessons of my decades long military experience to bear on the issues that face our nation. 

Let me in closing also thank you for recognizing that this NH Senate race provides our Party with an outstanding opportunity for a GOP pick up, and backing up your conviction with the investment of early dollars into advertising aimed at painting the true picture of Senator Hassan’s record in Washington.

I am ready to work hand in hand with you next fall as the GOP standard bearer against her to return this US Senate seat back onto the Republican side of the aisle.



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