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Don Bolduc

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RELEASE: Don Bolduc Welcomes Jim Murphy to Campaign Team

Statement from Don Bolduc:

“I’ve brought Jim Murphy onto my team to oversee my 2022 campaign effort.
Jim has a long and successful history in New Hampshire Republican politics, having worked with former Senators Gordon Humphrey and Bob Smith, as well as former Congressman Bill Zeliff.

Beyond his deep New Hampshire experience, he led the Republican National Committee’s presidential independent expenditure effort for Mitt Romney in 2012 and served as National Political Director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.
Jim will help guide our campaign strategy and messaging, as well as provide management oversight to our day to day, on the ground campaign team.

Jim was a volunteer advisor during my last campaign, and I grew to respect his sound advice. I’m glad he will be even more engaged this time and take on a leadership role in my organization.”

Statement from Jim Murphy:

“General Don Bolduc is a man of character and courage — two attributes that sadly are in short supply in Washington today.

Don Bolduc’s motivations in running for the United States Senate are his clearly evident love of country and deeply rooted sense of service. This is the kind of individual we need today in public life — to restore some respect to our governing institutions and bring an end to the petty partisan games currently dominating our national political conversation.

New Hampshire will be proud of General Donald Bolduc as its next United States Senator.

New Hampshire has a long tradition of sending plain spoken, common-sense independent leaders to Washington. Don Bolduc’s traditional conservative values align with the majority of Granite Staters, and his experience as a proven military leader will bring a no-nonsense, get it done approach to the challenges before us.
I’m honored he has given me this opportunity to help him wage a successful campaign.”

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