L. Michael Hatch: General Bolduc never flinched from duty and he won’t now

To The Daily Sun,

As a proud supporter of General Donald Bolduc for our next U.S. Senator I am really upset by Washington trying to rig the election and telling the people of N,H, who we should vote for. As the Live Free or Die state, we will choose who is best for N.H., not Washington.

We already have a candidate running against the general who thinks all they have to do is move to N.H. and with millions of dollars crown him our king. Won’t happen.

A N.H. native, Donald Bolduc has fought all his life, whether it is for his family, his community or his country. He served in many of our country’s conflicts, He never flinched than and he won’t now.

Luckily, we have a man who has not let the odds against him slow him down. In fact it will make him and His supporters work that much harder.

It is so encouraging to see so many veterans supporting the general and getting involved.Many of these Veterans have never voted before. We still need more and will work right up to the last day.

When Donald Bolduc wins the September Primary I hope all concerned voters rally behind Him. It is time to replace a puppet of Chuck Schumer.

One thing I have said many times during over 50 years being involved is, no matter who you support, get out and vote. It’s the greatest freedom we have.

See You at the polls.

L Michael Hatch


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