Don Bolduc: As a U.S. senator, I will put New Hampshire first

I trust my fellow Granite Staters. As a candidate to represent them in the United States Senate, I’m sometimes asked why I’m running. The answer is simple: I seek to give New Hampshire the representation it deserves.

Washington currently controls our congressional delegation. Jeanne Shaheen votes with Chuck Schumer almost 100% of the time. We need an independent voice for New Hampshire, not a career politician who has grown out of touch with her state – so much so that she actually supports an electoral scheme that benefits New York and California at the expense of New Hampshire.

I will put New Hampshire first. I am not beholden to Washington insiders or lobbyists.

Many fellow citizens tell me how troubled they are that D.C. insiders and Republican establishment types sought to choose their candidate for them. I understand their concerns about election rigging, and I assure them that I remain in the race to win the September primary and then the November general election.

Establishment machinations are inconsistent with our democracy, our Republican principles, and the intent of our founders. Denying voters a choice or a contested primary undermines New Hampshire tradition while threatening the spirit of our first-in-the-nation presidential primary. Outsiders and their proxies should not usurp our “Live Free or Die” voting traditions.

Robbing citizens of a choice is unconscionable. After Washington expressed a preference for the out-of-state self-funder candidate, I was asked to be a good soldier and support that decision. I immediately thought back to one of my tours in Afghanistan where my men and I were trapped by the enemy. We received a radio message asking us to give up. I told my interpreter to give this response: “Pound sand!” I’m not exactly sure how that was translated but the enemy got the message. We obviously prevailed in the end or else I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I invite voters to consider all my positions and principles.

I oppose those who want to extend COVID restrictions for political rather than medical purposes.

I oppose those who want to defund law enforcement. I’m proud that I once was a Laconia police officer.

We must not allow history to be re-written or erased. We need to stand up to vandals and agitators who exploit emotional situations for radical purposes.

But most of all, I support the cherished freedoms and processes that make our state and our nation so special. As the September primary approaches, I encourage voters to carefully review the backgrounds and positions of all candidates.

I trust my fellow Granite Staters.

(Don Bolduc, a Laconia native and candidate for U.S. Senate, went from private to general in the United States Army. He served 10 combat tours in Afghanistan.)

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