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Manchester – On Friday, July 31st, U.S. Senate Candidate Don Bolduc spoke with Jack Heath on NH Today.

Bolduc talked about his frustration with the focus on finances in politics, particularly by his primary opponent. Bolduc has consistently stood by his opinion that elected officials should be voted in by the people based on character, not by the size of their personal bank account.

Heath asked Bolduc about a recent report that the NH GOP sent a large portion of donations made by NH donors to the Colorado GOP. (Bolduc’s primary opponent is from Colorado and his business is based there.)

A $65,000 transfer was sent May 26, 2020 from the NH GOP to the Colorado GOP, according to FEC records. The NH GOP has not detailed the reason behind the significant transaction.

“It’s a substantial amount of money that is supposed to be going to the candidates here in New Hampshire,” Bolduc said.

“It is a mess, and they’ve made it a mess, and they need to account to the people of New Hampshire. I’m waiting for that accounting,” he said.

Full Interview: Don Bolduc on NH Today with Jack Heath, July 21, 2020

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