Bolduc defends military record, calls attack shameful

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Don Bolduc is facing a tough primary, and the retired Army general is calling national attention questioning his service record “shameful.”

During a Facebook Live interview with News 9, Bolduc slammed a recent Washington Post report that questioned a campaign video touting Bolduc as an “original horse soldier” during the earliest stages of the war in Afghanistan.

“That video is a compilation of 10 tours in Afghanistan, 66 months, and I don’t expect people that haven’t been there to know the dynamics from 2001-2013 and what I did and didn’t do,” Bolduc said. “I will tell you that as the horse memorial inscription denotes, I was a horse soldier operating in the south. I served my country and, by extension, this state with honor.”

“I think our whole government should be doing more,” he said. “The message that should have gone out, both diplomatically and in a public way, because our service members need to hear it and their families need to hear it, and through diplomatic channels behind the scenes, is knock it off.”

Bolduc also fielded questions on energy policy, veterans’ medical care and the federal response to the pandemic, singling out the allocations made by the Paycheck Protection Program as a prime example of what’s wrong with Washington. 

“The PPP loans have traditionally gone to the corporations and other millionaires that can probably afford to pay their employees out of pocket,” he said. “PPP is a disaster. Yeah, some people have been helped, but the majority haven’t.”

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