Don Bolduc is real New Hampshire, not a vacationer

To The Daily Sun,

Political campaigns don’t always bring out the best in people but when thoughtless comments by those seeking to represent us are so ridiculously “over the top,” they require a response. The senior advisor for the Corky Messner U.S. Senate campaign, Michael Biundo — faced with inconvenient facts about his candidate’s residence and voting record — claims that his candidate, “has had his head on the pillow in New Hampshire more than anyone else during the past decade.”

The comment was a thinly veiled swipe against Corky’s primary opponent, Don Bolduc, a highly decorated and authentic war hero, whose head no doubt rested against a rock in Afghanistan during his 10 tours of duty while Corky’s head was on a pillow at his Wolfeboro vacation home.

Corky himself likes to point out he pays more property tax on his waterfront home than “anyone else in this race.” I’m sure that’s true of many people who spend three months out of the year vacationing in the Lakes Region as well.

It’s almost mind-boggling that a candidate born in Pennsylvania and who spent most of his life in Colorado would disparage the background or question the residency of a man born and raised in the Granite State.

Biundo’s comments were in response to the damaging revelation that Corky was the incorporator of his senate campaign’s non-profit organization in Colorado, with board members from Colorado.

For the record, Don Bolduc incorporated his campaign in New Hampshire, where he has voted since the 1970s. His board is made out of Granite Staters, not out-of-staters!

Further, during a recent event, Messner was asked about where he’d voted, Corky indicated that he “likes to vote down at city hall.”

Does Wolfeboro have a city hall? (No. It has a Town Hall.)

Records show Corky has voted once in New Hampshire. Absentee in 2018. Any guesses on the postmark?

Here’s the point. No matter how much Corky’s campaign tries to sell (or buy) his Granite State credentials, a quote by John Adams comes to mind: “Facts are stubborn things.”

Jeanne Shaheen successfully hammered Scott Brown as “carpetbagger “ during her narrow 2014 election win, despite the fact that she was born in Missouri, and Brown was born in New Hampshire. Messner makes Brown look like John Stark. Imagine the field day she’d have with a true out-of-state opponent like Messner?

From serving as a Laconia Police officer while in high school, to serving 81 months in combat, Don Bolduc has proven he will do whatever it takes to make sure all of us can live free. And he was willing to die for it.

Lee Werling, Derry (USAR)

Elliott Finn, Meredith (USAR)

Hillary Seegar, Alexandria (USAF)

Lt Col Joe Kenney, Wakefield (USMC)

Hon. Larry Gagne, Manchester (USN)

Hon. Tim Merlino, New Ipswich (USN)

Rick Olsen, Manchester (USMC)

Rob Erikson, Weare (USAF)

Sean Morrison. Manchester (Army)

LTC Stephen Tourangeau, Milford ((USAF Ret)

Capt Melinda Tourangeau, Milford (USAF Ret.)

Capt Paul Schoenbucher (USN Ret.)

CPO Roland Six, Manchester (USN Ret.)

Bob McCarthy, Manchester (USMC)

Shari Hastings, Manchester (US Army National Guard)

CPO Brian Farmer, Nashua (USN)

Bill Clark, Milford (USN)

Capt. Raymond Brown, Portsmouth (USCG Ret)

Gavin Quinn, Manchester (USAF)

Dan Schroeder, Manchester (US Army)

Jon “Chief” Worrall (US Army)

William Smith, Exeter (USAR)

Paul Lanouette, (USN)

LTC Paul Grant, Nashua (USAR)

Robert Dupuis, (USMC)

LT Brian Halloran, Amherst (USAR)

Heidi Thibodeau, Amherst (USAF)

Glenn Gray, Laconia (USAR)

Bob Jones, Laconia (USMC)

Lt Col Micheal Moffett, Loudon (USMC)

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