Bolduc is the right choice at a critical time

New Hampshire needs a true and proven leader for U.S. Senate. Leadership from our current senators has been absent in the past few years. 

Retired Gen. Don Bolduc is the person to fill that void.

Born and raised in the Granite State, he is a true “native son.” His primary opponent, Corky Messner, has only within the past year declared himself a resident of our state, running a large law firm in Colorado and maintaining his residency there. The first vote Messner cast in New Hampshire was in 2018.

Bolduc served our nation as a soldier for 33 years. He accomplished the rare feat of becoming an officer from the enlisted ranks. His awards and medals are numerous, his tours of duty in combat are almost legendary. His proven record of service and leadership is without question.

The military instills a devotion to duty and mission in its members, the most important lesson one learns in the military is that there are things in life bigger than ourselves. Don Bolduc embodies that notion and will serve the people of New Hampshire, not the Washington elites. 

We, as the citizens of the best state in the nation, have a choice to make. Our nation is at a critical time in our history. Old soldiers like myself worry that the nation we love and have defended is in peril. 

We need to get this right, and Don Bolduc is the right choice.



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