Concord Monitor – Letter: Bolduc has my vote for U.S. Senate

I don’t know about you, but I have been trying to cope with the problems associated with COVID-19.

I haven’t thought about the coming elections. But, with all this time on my hands, I have been thinking about for whom I might vote.

Right now I am looking at the current candidates for U.S. senator from New Hampshire to choose the one to whom I will give my precious vote.

I have often voiced my feelings as to my ideal candidate; if he or she is born and raised in New Hampshire they pique my interest. They know the state’s problems from the bottom up. If they are wealthy and can afford to spend a lot of their fortune to get your vote, I am not too sure of my support for anyone trying to buy their way to victory.

So, currently I am leaning toward Don Bolduc for U.S. senator. Don’s history starts with his being born in Laconia and so he is a true New Hampshirite. As an experienced leader of large assemblages of men, he is better able to provide the best solutions for all New Hampshirites.

So, without question, he has my vote.



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